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Triad receives large contract to supply industrial butterfly valves

A large US industrial equipment manufacturer that submerges their product in a phosphate wash prior to painting, has chosen the Triad Series 700 Butterfly Valve. The butterfly valves will be automated and control the concentration of phosphate in this process. Triad employs a cartridge seat design in its butterfly valve…

Triad ST Series High Performance Butterfly Valve Manufactured with Modern Technology

Unlike most High Performance Butterfly Valves on the market today Triad has invested in the tooling to allow us to drill from the top of the body of our high performance butterfly valve deep enough to accommodate the entire length of the valve stem. Other valve companies, using older technology,…

Triad VS-360 High Pressure Ball Valves

Modern day automotive manufacturing plants apply various sealants and liquid sound deadeners to critical locations around the body of an automobile during manufacturing and assembly. These liquids, typically referred to as LASD or liquid applied sound deadener are very viscous and abrasive. Because of these properties the application process is…

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