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High Pressure Ball Valves

The Triad series VS high pressure valves offer full port 7252 psi rated valves for sizes 1/4" ~ 1/2", 6092 psi for sizes 3/4" ~ 2" and 3000 psi for sizes 2-1/2" ~ 4" and are suitable for steam, hydraulics, oil and gas production and all high pressure fluid applications. The VS series valves are used quite extensively in areas requiring a full port high pressure rated valve in large sizes.
Series VS Valve
  • Series VS
  • 1/4" through 2"
  • Full Port High Pressure Ball Valve
  • Extended Socket Weld Ends
  • VS Specifications
Series XHP Valve
Series HP3W Valve
Series XHP3W Valve
High Pressure Ball Valves
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