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Triad offers a wide choice of soft seats and metal seated ball valves for a variety of industrial applications. Below is a general guide. When selecting seats, always consult the pressure / temperature charts and corrosion resistant guide or contact the factory for engineering help. Not all seats are available for use in all our valves.


Made from Virgin Teflon, this is the most common sealing material; its chemical compatibility is excellent for almost all media. Temperature -50°F to 400°F.

PTFE Cavity filled Seats Available on request (CF), suitable for filling the void between the body and ball eliminating product build up. Cavity filled seats are standard on our sanitary line of ball valves in both two and three way.


15% glass reinforced PTFE, suitable for temperature -50°F to 450°F, chemical resistance is compatible to virgin PTFE with better wear factor. The standard in most all of our ball valves.

Carbon Filled PTFE (C)

25% Carbon Graphite with 75% PTFE, this material offers a wide temperature range with better wear resistance than standard RPTFE. Good for steam service -50°F to 450°F.


A proprietary highly filled polymer seat. Offers abrasion resistance of metal with significantly higher pressure and temperature than RTFE. Temperature -50°F to 470°F.

Metal Seat Valves (M)

For service with severe flashing, hydraulic shock, high temperature or abrasive media. Typically we hard face a stainless steel seat with Stellite then lap the ball to the seat for tight shut-off. Depending on the valve and trim we can achieve temperatures in excess of 1000°F for metal seated ball valves.

Tri-fill™ (T)

Triad’s high performance seat. Offers better creep resistance, lower coefficient of friction than that of PTFE, ideal for semi-conductor, hi-purity service.

MG1241 (M)

75% PTFE +20% Glass Fiber +5% Graphite, good for temperatures from -50°F to 450°F, this material offers a wide temperature range with better life than RPTFE.


This material is very rigid, suitable for high pressure up to 5000psi dependant on valve size and temperature range of -50°F to 180°F.


Best suited for high temperature and pressure service, suitable for tobacco and nuclear service. Temperature -70°F to 550°F.

UHMW Polyethylene (U)

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, ideal for use in low-level radiation service, this material also meets the requirements of the tobacco industry where PTFE is prohibited and it offers an excellent resistance to abrasive media. Temperature -70°F to 200°F.

PTFE Encapsulated Stainless Steel

Produces the rigidity of Delrin or Nylon in a high pressure valve but provides for smooth lower operating torques.