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Process Equipment
components have been installed
in dozens of Automotive and Tier
One paint shops all over the world.
In many cases Triad
valves were
the exclusive process ball valve in
both the Phosphate/E-coat and the
Paint circulating system including
ancillary chemical feed and ultra
filtration systems.
Our commitment to quality and
durability at a competitive price
are the mainstay of our philosophy.
Triad Cartridge Type Seat
(Phenolic Backed)
Elastomer is supported by hard
phenolic backing which eliminates seat
shifting during installation.
Seat to disc seal is independent
of flange support and capable of full
rated dead end service.
Static seat design allows disc
to sweep into seat for lower, more con-
sistent torque.
Smaller mass of elastomer minimizes
seat swell.
Common Booted Type Seat
(Dovetail Design)
Dynamics of seat based on being
installed between two flanges making
seat subject to distortion during instal-
Standard seat design is not rated
for full pressure on dead end service.
Disc is designed to push into seat caus-
ing distortion and inconsistent torque.
Overabundance of elastomer
exaggerates any swelling.
Many years of research have
gone into the development of
Triad products. Input from
plant installations and design
engineers have driven many of
our product features. Choosing
for your paint system will
prove to be your advantage.
The most critical aspect of the
butterfly valve is the
cartridge seat design. It was
introduced to alleviate installation
problems associated with the
“dove tail design” (booted) seats.
The cartridge seat is a unified,
rigid component that is formed by
bonding an elastomer to a hard,
dense phenolic composite ring,
which is inserted into the valve
body. The phenolic backing keeps
the elastomer from shifting during
installation, reducing seat tearing
and fatigue caused by bunching.
Installation is insensitive to all
flange types and disc orientation
is more forgiving, eliminating
pinched seats and trapped discs.


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