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Triad Valves Announces Oxygen Cleaning Option for Quality and Safety

All Triad Valves are available with an oxygen cleaning process for quality and safety. To provide some insight, Oxygen Cleaning of Valves is a method of cleaning equipment intended for use with either liquid or gaseous oxygen. Contaminants in an oxygen-rich system pose serious risks. When used in an industrial…


Cryogenic Ball Valve. Triad offers a series of full port industrial ball valves for all types of cryogenic services including: oxygen, hydrogen, methane, ammonia, nitrogen, fluorine, and LNG (Liquid Natural Gas). The Triad cryogenic ball valves are all manufactured and tested to British Standard 6364 (BS 6364) which requires the…

Cryogenic Ball Valves for LNG Service

When natural gas is cooled to a temperature of approximately -260°F [-160°C] at atmospheric pressure it condenses to a liquid called liquefied natural gas or LNG. This process reduces the overall volume of the gas by 1/600. In other words, it takes up about 1/600th the volume of natural gas…

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