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Series 66 Metal Seated Ball Valves

Following independent paths of investigation, two research teams, one of which is a major university, announced that they have successfully converted sugar into gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel and a range of other valuable chemicals.

This research is derived from the theory that sugar beets produce twice as much ethanol per acre as corn and require about 40 percent less water.  The process of this conversion is proprietary and requires ball valves that can seal off at temperatures of 1200°F.  The university chose Triad Series 66 metal seated ball valves.  The valves are made in the U.S. in an API audited factory.  The valves have Alloy 6 seats that are lapped with precision to a hard chrome plated ball to form an ANSI class V shut off.  The Triad ball valve was chosen because of their reputation for quality.

The ball valves were installed in 2009 and are performing as expected to this day.

Triad manufactures high quality high pressure ball valves, cryogenic ball valves, metal seated ball valves, flanged ball valves, industrial butterfly valves, high performance butterfly valves, control valves and custom valves to meet your specifications.

66 Ball Valve

Series 66 Ball Valve

Series 9000 Metal Seated Ball Valve

Series 9000 Metal Seated Ball Valve


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