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Top Napa Wine Producer Chooses Triad Three-Way Sanitary Ball Valve

The Triad Three-Way Sanitary Ball Valve has been chosen by an industry leading Napa wine producer to create their award-winning red wine blends. Wine blending has long been used as a way for producers to get creative in designing their own wine; with blends being defined as any wine made from more than one type of grape. For this Napa vineyard, the process begins during the 4-week fermentation process where each tank of grapes is tasted twice a day. When this process comes to a close, samples are drawn from each tank and evaluated to decide if they are “blend worthy”. 

Once the lots are selected, the wines are blended together in upright, 6,000-gallon oak crests. With these blends being drawn from as many as 30 different lots, it is critical to have the most reliable manufacturing process in place. For these reasons, the Triad Three-Way Sanitary Ball Valve was chosen. 

Triad’s Three-Way Sanitary Ball Valves meet health and safety requirements for industries that require thorough cleanliness and the absence of contamination. This food-grade valve provides flow control for raw ingredients as well as finished products, making it ideal for the meticulous wine blending process. Triad’s unique Three-Way Sanitary Ball Valve features a direct mount actuator pad and high cycle stem seal design, making it suitable for a wide range of process applications. 

If you would like to learn more about Triad’s Sanitary Valve options, please reach out to our sales team for assistance.

30-92061 3 Way Sanitary Ball Valve

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