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Ball valves for compressed natural gas dispensing

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuels over 12 million vehicles. These vehicles fuel up at CNG dispensing stations numbering over 12,000 locations worldwide. A series of automated high pressure ball valves open and close several times a day during the fueling process. It is estimated that at some stations these valves…

Triad announces newly developed VS360 with Grayloc® Connectors.

The Triad Series VS360 with Grayloc® connectors are 6000 PSI rated ball valves. They are specially designed to be lighter and have stronger connectors than the standard flange connectors. The Grayloc® connector with its metal-to-metal bore seal technology provides comparable strength and seal integrity of a welded joint with the…

Triad VS-360 High Pressure Ball Valves

Modern day automotive manufacturing plants apply various sealants and liquid sound deadeners to critical locations around the body of an automobile during manufacturing and assembly. These liquids, typically referred to as LASD or liquid applied sound deadener are very viscous and abrasive. Because of these properties the application process is…

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