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Ball valves for compressed natural gas dispensing

Valves For Compressed Gas

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuels over 12 million vehicles.  These vehicles fuel up at CNG dispensing stations numbering over 12,000 locations worldwide.  A series of automated high pressure ball valves open and close several times a day during the fueling process.  It is estimated that at some stations these valves will cycle over 300,000 times a year.  Most automated ball valves fail before 250,000 cycles due to stem packing leakage.  Triad Process offers it’s series XHP with a high quality rack and pinion actuator for CNG dispensing stations.  This valve has been cycle tested and surpasses the 1 million mark offering years of leak free service.

More information about these Valves For Compressed Gas are located here cng-ball-valves.

Triad manufactures high quality high pressure ball valves, cryogenic ball valves, metal seated ball valves, flanged ball valves, industrial butterfly valves, high performance butterfly valves, control valves and custom valves to meet your specifications.

Valves For Compressed Gas

Triad process equipment manufactures high quality industrial equipment. The company is a nation wide supplier located in Milford Michigan. Thus, Large companies like General Motors, Chrysler, Toyota, and Space X choose Triad year after year for our high quality and precision process equipment. Most Triad valves are equipped with direct actuator mount stems and mounting pads for ease of automation. Feel Free to contact us today for any questions or inquiries!

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