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Triad Releases Design Features of Series 9000 Ball Valve

The design features of the Triad Series 9000 Ball Valve reveal the extra time, effort, and investment that is put forth in Triad’s manufacturing process. Many standards including ASME, ANSI, API, BS, and ISO are complied with when producing the Series 9000 Ball Valve.

The Series 9000 Ball Valve depicts the level of quality Triad provides through the perfection of the investment castings we produce. The additional machining done on the face, just below the raised portion of the flange allow us to ensure the quality of our castings. These areas are rarely machined by our competitors.

When an actuator is required for automatic operation, Triad believes the actuator should be directly mounted to the valve. This method perfectly aligns the output shaft of the actuator to the stem of the valve. By doing so it eliminates any side loading of the valve stem and produces long, leak free service life. Side loading occurs when an actuator is mounted using a typical bracket and coupling arrangement, resulting in couplings becoming misaligned. Misalignment can occur at time of assembly or over time in the field, and results in premature stem seal wear and leakage. Our direct mount capability completely eliminates this.

To add an added level of support, our extra wide actuator mounting flange and recessed stem are ready to accept a direct mounted actuator. The size of this flange is not typical. These design features are what makes the Triad Series 9000 Ball Valve the best on the market.

Triad also manufactures high quality high pressure ball valves, metal seated ball valves, flanged ball valves, industrial butterfly valves, high performance butterfly valves, control valves and custom valves to meet your specifications.

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